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Imagine one of the mascots standing in front of your Place Of  Business!

It would stop traffic.......and bring the traffic to you!




        Apple Mascot                       Green Hippo                                     Brown Bear 1 




         Yellow Bee                          Uncle Sam                                   Shark Mascot




      La Bomba Mascot                      Chicken Mascot                               Dog Mascot 



Simply Check Off the mascots that you are most interested in and fill out the form below:

                       Witch                                                       Blue Duck


        Click To order and fill out form below              Click To order and fill out form below


    Cow Mascot                    Yellow  Dinosaur                      Brown Dog 1  



          Frog Mascot                          Wale Mascot                               Brown Pig




       Dog Character                              Rat                                Brown Bunny With Carrot 



  Easter Rabbit with blue Vest        White Rabbit                    Easter Bunny with Blue Vest & Glasses



      Brown Cat                                   Chef 1                                               Chef  2    



        Brown Horse                                  White Dog                                        Pink Cat  



              Brown Bear  2                         Owl                          Dragon Mascot

      Cookie Character                             Pelican                                 Halloween Pumpkin       


Purple Monster                                   Boy Mascot                                   Reindeer

          Santa Clause                          Santa Clause 1                                Santa Clause Wife 

         Sheep                                  Orange  Shrimp                  Snow Man with black Vest  

Snowman with Green Vest               Tomato Mascot                     Green Turtle   


         Heart Mascot                                     Brown Bear                                        Pink Pig


    Crayon Mascot                          Christmas Bear                          Christmas Bear  2



         Witch                                    Scare Crow                               Hamster 








    Owl Mascot 2


          If there is a particular mascot that you are looking for, please fill out the form below:



E-Mail Address


Mascot(s) that you are looking for:



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Last modified: 09/20/10